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Clubio Podcast 057 - Tinchtov


Clubio Podcast 057 - Tinchtov
Ljubljana based Tinchtov, beside having a full-time job and raising three kids, has spent most of his free time since 2001 first following the relentless and inventive breaking-edge music and this unique cultural phenomenon of techno and some other darkish electronic (sub)genres by collecting music and learning and practicing the history, art and craft of them and second, by taking part in local techno and electro scene mostly by attending events and supporting the small local crews, DJs and producers who through all these years kept bringing artists who himself considers most relevant in the underground electronic scene to Slovenian clubs and festivals. With kids getting teenagers lately he now has had time to dedicate himself even more to the thing he enjoys most. Collecting records and mixing them together (often blending techno, electro, EBM, industrial) in new magic creations which purpose is to make people to dance and enjoy themselves, but also to raise their curiosity for this kind of art that embodies so much freedom and liberation potential and brings in a lot of transcendence and also challenges our imposed social concepts and limited views about ourselves, our music consumption and the human existence as such. Beside DJing this ex drummer in a HC-crust-punk band is for the last year and a half also learning and mastering his Rhythm Machine / Sampler and producing tracks out of the recorded live jams, with the prospect of also being able soon to play the machine live along the records or as a straightforward solo act. Rok said about this podcast: “This DJ set was inspired by what made me fall for techno in the first place - the dancefloor madness. And since that happened around the year 2000 I wanted to make a tribute to that time, yet, using tracks that were released only recently.” The mix was fully improvised live on two turntables and with a couple of added digital tracks.”



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Clubio is hosting events, releasing tracks, publishing news and showcasing DJ talents with podcasts, radio shows, label nights and festival performances.

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